On Sunday, July 15, 2018, we celebrated the ordination of Linette George.  Linette is a true daughter of Hammond Street Congregational Church.  Her parents, Lloyd and Inez, began bringing Linette and her siblings, Nathan and Stacey, to HSCC in the 1960’s.

After high school graduation, Linette began a successful career as a paralegal.  But ministry called and she enrolled in Bangor Theological Seminary.  Hers was the last class to graduate from BTS in 2013 with a Master of Divinity degree.

Upon graduation, Linette was called to the Dedham Congregational Church and the Holden Common Parish as Pastor and Teacher.  She applied to be a Member in Discernment, and Pastor Mark signed on as her mentor.

Since the Dedham and Holden churches are in two different associations, Sunrise and Kathadin, it took quite a lot of coordinating to come up with an ordination date that worked for everyone.  And did it ever!

What a glorious celebration with so many clergy friends, teachers, and administrators filling up multiple pews and members of all three churches filling the rest of the church.   A special musical offering from the George Trio (George, Stacey, and Linette) found many blinking back tears.  The laying on of hands by family and clergy was another momentous experience as it carried the good wishes of all present to Linette for a long and meaningful life of Pastor.

As celebratory gifts, representatives of each church and several others wrapped Linette in a clerical stole.  The memory of Linette George, literally encircled with the love of her family, friends, and flock is indelible.  Her grace, humor, and humility bearing this load on a hot, humid July day characterizes the way she will serve her congregations.