John Gregory Bridges-Music was officially installed as Chaplain of Acadia Hospital, Bangor, Maine and an ordained minister of the Maine Kathadin Association, United Church of Christ.  Greg has been serving for many years as a volunteer Associate Pastor at HSCC.  The installation was an emotional and joyous occasion.

Members of HSCC and Acadia Hospital extolled Greg’s work with children and the LGBTQ+ community, charged him with the duties and responsibilities as chaplain, and offered him support and appreciation for the tasks ahead of him.  Members of family, clergy, and Acadia Hospital staff performed a laying on of hands.

Throughout the service, many wiped tears from their eyes as Greg received full recognition of his long struggle to reconnect with the ministry when, following  being outed as gay, he was ousted by a previous denomination.  The congregation also recognized just how well suited he is for his work at HSCC and Acadia Hospital.  His kindness and ability to teach both adults and children during his Children’s Moments and his ability to listen respectfully are but a two examples of why he touches so many.

Following the installation, at Greg’s request, there was a High Tea.  Teamania of Winterport provided ten gallons of English tea for the sixteen tea pots (two per table).  Wonderful desserts were prepared by Greg’s husband, Mark, and other friends.  

It was true celebration.