Hi Folks!     

Wow, didn’t we have fun at the wonderful “Snowman Fair”!  Everything looked so nice.  I really liked all those hanging snowflakes in the Fellowship Hall that Chris and Sandi Blanchard put up.  They decorated several rooms and we all loved it.  That really made the Fair a visual delight. 

Jim Van Kirk’s organ tree ornaments were very pretty and may be the first in a series of church ornaments.  Nice !     

The luncheon was as yummy as always, and I got my fill of that delicious fish chowder.  Then I bought lots of cookies and a pumpkin pie made by Lovern and two of her Indian Puddings.  She also made mincemeat muffins that I took to Hugh Morrison.  He really felt bad that he couldn’t be there.     

Did any of you get a massage by Sharon Murphy ?  That felt sooooo good except I had to stop when my back got all melty.  Back up into the belfry I went to cool off again.     

I had fun with the kids who visited the Children’s Booth and did some nice crafts with Amy and Erika Morrison.     

There was so much to see and do on Saturday.  Great auction items, lots of interesting things at Gramma’s Attic, and so much more.  Boy, didn’t those Christmas wreaths smell good.    

 I am a pretty lucky snowman to belong to the Hammond Street Church Family and I just want to say a big “Thank You” to all the folks who worked so hard to put it all together.  It was a Snowman’s Fair to be pretty darn proud of.     

May everyone have a blessed Thanksgiving with plenty of turkey and gravy and stuffing and Joan Day’s cranberry relish.  Yum ! 

Your friend,