A crew of hard working Hammond Streeters labored throughout the day on Wednesday to prepare a hearty Thanksgiving feast for the folks of the Greater Bangor Area. 4 turkeys and 15 pies were delivered to the kitchen from folks working at home. Mr. Plucky helped by giving his feathers to HSCCers who then provided whatever the feather indicated.  After hours of slicing and dicing, mashing and mixing, the preparations were complete.

In the spirit of the day, some volunteers also came from beyond the ranks of Hammond Streeters to work in the kitchen on both Wednesday and Thursday. Hard work and good fellowship was the order of both days.

On Thursday, we served about 75 meals and sent many folks home with turkey take-out for another day.

The Outreach Committee would like to thank everyone who helped with this project. It took a lot of support from the congregation to make this a success – kitchen help, financial support, pie bakers, turkey roasters, servers, clean-up crew, etc. Thank you all so much.