We have recently formed a Youth Group at Hammond Street. All youth in grades 6-12 are invited to come, and bring their friends. This is their gathering to envision together what God has placed in their hearts, to plan what they want their group to be, and share their hopes and dreams and grow in spirit. The group has met several times so far. They have engaged in learning about one another and discovered that some have some pretty incredible talents. They have met at the church, watched a movie, visited the trampoline park, etc. It will take some time to build up to where they can meet every Sunday evening, as there are families who cannot always make it on some Sundays. The leadership team is taking shape and will make it possible for the weekly group to come into being. We have a lot of great adult help with Ned, Linda, Julia, Andy, Madonna, David, Larry, Melissa and Tallis all helping in one capacity or another. All are welcome. Please come and share this time with us and help build healthy and holy relationships and engage in the movement of the Holy Spirit with our youth We are here together to help support families, and “it does take a village”.