Pride Week 2018

Each year Hammond Street Congregational Church has been an enthusiastic participant in Pride Week.  For years, Associate Pastor Greg and his husband, Mark, have spearheaded the effort, not just for HSCC but also for organizing the Bangor parade.  This year, Greg was recognized for his efforts.   Our resident banner maker, Audrey, created the colorful … Continue reading Pride Week 2018

Linette George Ordination

On Sunday, July 15, 2018, we celebrated the ordination of Linette George.  Linette is a true daughter of Hammond Street Congregational Church.  Her parents, Lloyd and Inez, began bringing Linette and her siblings, Nathan and Stacey, to HSCC in the 1960’s. After high school graduation, Linette began a successful career as a paralegal.  But ministry … Continue reading Linette George Ordination

Spencer Family Singers

Lori, Gretchen, and Madison Spencer have often filled HSCC with their voices.  When Lori’s sister came to visit, she made it a quartet.  That’s Tara’s husband at the piano.  Thanks to all the Spencers, Tara Leininger, and Donivan Johnson for adding to our morning worship.  (Photos are from their pre-worship practice session.)