Chair: Fran Griffin

The Future Committee was created following a Membership Survey conducted in early 2015 to assess how members and friends felt about the church and its programs. Slightly more than half of the active members responded with a wide variety of attitudes, comments, and suggestions for change.  The overwhelming survey response was that we needed improved communications, internal and external. After sharing the results with the entire church and at special meetings with official committees and organizations, an ad hoc committee was formed and has been working since with a goal of improving our internal and external communications.

The committee has selected a webmaster and, while continuing to use our former website, has had the creation of a new website as its primary goal. A My HSCC Family page (for members and friends only) was created on Facebook to which members may post timely news and information about events. It has had extensive use. The improvement of the church’s public Facebook page has also been a goal. In addition, there are weekly notices of our church services posted in the Bangor Daily News. Finally, there has been more effort to develop news stories to be carried in the local media. Our weekly publications of the Sunday Bulletin and the Hammond Streeter newsletter continue to be sources for communications.

As the committee continues its work on improving communications, it will expand efforts to involve many more members in telling the story that is HSCC.  The joy of working on this committee has been from seeing members become more interested in the happenings at church and from hearing members express their enthusiasm for the many activities the church undertakes.