Chair: Tracy Bigney

The Staff/Parish Relations Committee is available to serve as a liaison between church staff and members of the congregation.  Staff/Parish Relations is a small committee reporting to the Trustees.  For the last several years there have been three members on the committee.

As a liaison, the committee is available to assist when there is misunderstanding, lack of communication, or friction between an employee and supervisor, an employee and member(s) of the congregation, or between employees.

Staff/Parish Relations is responsible for maintaining the human resource policies of the church and the job descriptions for all positions.  We work with the pastor to ensure that staff evaluations are completed.  When there is a vacancy, we conduct the hiring process with the supervisor or committee responsible for overseeing the position.  We help review the job description, advertise the position, screen applicants, interview, and check references.  Staff/Parish Relations is not responsible for searches for called pastoral positions.

For members of the Staff/Parish Relations Committee it is helpful, but not required, to have experience as a supervisor or manager or in human resources.   Qualities that are important are wanting HSCC to be a good employer,  to treat all employees equally, fairly, and with dignity, and the ability to follow processes that comply with employment laws and practices.  

The Staff/Parish Relations Committee does not have regularly scheduled meetings.  We meet when there is a need, such as a position to fill or an issue to address.   When there is a vacancy to fill, the work can be demanding for a short period of time.

Working with people, meeting new people, and finding the best fit for the position is always interesting and enjoyable.  This committee is a good way to learn more about how the church works and the roles our staff play in helping HSCC succeed.