Chair: Clyde Baker

The Investment Committee was created several decades ago by the Trustees to manage the investments of the church. Today, the Chair of the Board of Trustees, with the concurrence of that body, appoints the five voting members to the committee on a one-a-year basis. Members are eligible to serve two terms of five years each. Others serve ex officio: Chair of the Trustees, Treasurer, pastor, longtime former member who acts as Secretary to the committee, and the broker. Currently, our broker is from the firm of RBC Wealth Management, Bangor. 

Over the years, several legacies have been left to the church, and income derived from these investments distributed to either the operating or building funds according to stipulations from the wills. The largest of these is the Marjorie J. Morse Trust Fund, which is managed by the Trust Department at Bangor Savings Bank according to directions from her will. 

The five accounts that are with RBC Wealth Management are regularly reviewed by the committee. These accounts are as follows: Pfaff Fund, Account #2, Ernst Manor, Pastor’s Housing, and Maxwell and Rose Kelley. Decisions are made within these accounts to buy or sell depending on market conditions and needs of the church’s operating or building funds. 

 Generally speaking, persons appointed to this committee have had business experience and/or have personal experience in investing.