Kairos is an ecumenical Christian ministry to build and nurture a strong Christian community among inmates (residents) of correctional institutions.  It is modeled after other renewal weekends, such as Emmaus Walk, Cum Christo, etc.  This mission is more than forty years old.  The Kairos mission is to create and maintain a positive impact on the environment with an institution and to create a foundation for those who are released later.

The Kairos experience starts with a four-day short course in Christianity, called a Kairos Weekend involving inmates screened by the prison Chaplain and led by a team of lay and clergy volunteers. In Maine, women’s weekends are held at Windam Prison for Women and men’s at the Maine State Prison.

Volunteers can be part of the weekend team or support the weekend in other ways:

  • Preparing meals and assisting the team that goes inside the prison
  • Making posters, banners, and/or placemats expressing care and love
  • Writing short, caring letters to the inmates taking part in the weekend
  • Attending the closing ceremony on Sunday of the weekend
  • Signing up and participating in Prayer Vigil during the weekend
  • Donating time and talent and also funds.  Each Kairos Weekend costs $4,000 to $5,000. 

Following Kairos Weekends, Reunions are scheduled to maintain positive contact and focus for inmate attendees who remain institutionalized.