Co Chairs Susan and Michael Guare

One of the highlights of attending a Sunday service at HSCC is participating in the fellowship in the large vestry immediately after the service.  Volunteers from the church provide coffee and snacks for members and visitors as they use this opportunity for fellowship, a getting to know and checking in with others.

Volunteers are encouraged to sign up for specific dates and are assisted by the Hospitality Coordinator with making coffee, displaying snacks, and cleaning up afterwards.   The Coordinator manages details like seeing that there are napkins, small paper plates, serving dishes, coffee, sugars and creamers, hot water for tea, and a basket for donations. The Coordinator also is responsible for training others on what needs to be done for clean up, storage, or disposal of left over food. 

While the Coordinator’s responsibility may seem like an every Sunday experience, once volunteers are trained the role changes to one of oversight.  That’s when the coordinator may be absent, take a vacation, or just observe how much the members and guests enjoy their fellowship time.