If you would like to go a step beyond Stewardship Pledge giving, and contribute to the future growth and development of the church, there is a planned giving program at Hammond Street Congregational Church, United Church of Christ.

The church has an Investment Committee of five members who meet quarterly with its designated broker to discuss and manage several of its accounts.  In addition, some of the church’s investments are managed as trusts by banks according to will stipulations, but the committee receives information about these accounts on a regular scheduled basis.

Some possible ways of giving are:

You have a life insurance policy, some of which may no longer be needed for family protection or for funeral expenses.  Change the beneficiaries to include the church as a recipient upon your death.
You have an IRA.  Again, change the beneficiaries so that HSCC can receive a portion along with children or other family members.
You own some stock.  Direct that one or more of your stock holdings be turned over to HSCC on your passing.  You candirect that the income derived from the stock be used for the music program, maintenance on the pipe organ, to benefit the Ecumenical Food Cupboard, or another interest.
Consider writing in your will that a certain percentage or a flat figure from your estate be given to the church.  You may even specify how the interest/dividends derived from the investment are to be used.


If you interested in donating through these or another way, please contact Brad Ryder, Chair of the Investment Committee, for guidance. The church office can assist you in reaching Mr. Ryder.

It is important to consult with an estate attorney for assistance and guidance to insure your gifts are directed to whatever cause you hold dear, be that the music program, building improvements, or endowing the hospitality and outreach missions.  We also welcome unrestricted gifts that fund special projects such as hearing assistive technology, handicap access, and amenities to enhance our worship service and facilities.

We welcome your participation in ensuring that HSCC remains strong for decades!